Over the last decade and a half, I’ve done a lot of in-person events with John Paul Mendocha. The guy is a hell of a storyteller. When he presents to Perry Marshall audiences, one thing is for sure: people either love him or they’re horrified. But everyone learns something. Everyone.

For years his friends and I have been poking at him to get a book written. Get his crazy-ass stories into print. And he finally did it. He collaborated with Gabe Bautista (who is also a ball of fire) and now wider audiences everywhere can access these wild tales and smart insights.

I’ve worked with my share of business owners, and one thing is for damn sure: most of them did, in fact, fail in their first 5 minutes. They got their positioning all wrong. But that’s what and who this is book is for. It will set you straight on how to find your unique position in the market and how to get people, a lot of people, to suddenly perk up and give a genuine crap about you.

I especially liked the bit about Grandma’s soup.”
—Bryan Todd, President, Perry S. Marshall and Associates

Living in Las Vegas, I have seen John Paul live. It was a unique experience filled with intensity, insight and energy. The book, Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes, brings a mind popping thrill ride. I could hear John Paul’s voice in my head with every story. I recommend this book to my clients and friends, but never to my competitors. The long wait is over, read it today.” –Delon Lukow, IT Cyber expert

For years John Paul Mendocha has brought his special, hard-earned, and powerful wisdom to the savvy operators who attend my Black Ops seminars held in Tempe, Arizona. Year after year those business and professional practice owners ask “When will John write a book?” Well, he’s delivered and his new book Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes: It Just takes Them 3 to 5 Years to Realize It, will get you thinking in new and better ways… If you’re like me you’ll also wonder how and why you ever made those mistakes. But, thanks to John Paul you’ll never make them again. Every business owner or entrepreneur should:

1) grab a copy of this book and then
2) plan to see John Paul Mendocha live.”

—David M. Frees III JD, Creator and “The Old Man” at Business Black Ops

As a psychologist, I know that much of what we under- stand about people comes from real-world observations, not academic studies. John Paul Mendocha has spent a lifetime observing and engaging with all kinds of people in all kinds of settings. And he shares his astute insights in his new book Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes.

In the commonsense and wry style, I’ve seen over years of knowing John Paul, he explains how to catch and make meaning from the subtleties in how people act that most of us miss. Then he shows you how to take that information and make faster and better decisions in business and in the rest of your life, too. If you haven’t learned from him be- fore, the book is time well spent. If you have learned from John Paul before, you’ll find new insights in Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes.”

—David A. Weiman, Psy.D., Weiman Consulting

John Paul Mendocha is the most captivating storyteller I have ever known: amazing, exciting. His stories are entertaining, and when there is money on the line, the stories are SOLID GOLD! As a manufacturer’s rep and distributor for over 26 years in high tech, I can attest to the fact that the WINNERS got it, they thrived. Sadly, the losers desperately needed this book and slowly slipped into the morass. My only wish is that John Paul had written this when I was starting out. If you want to choose the winning path, you will devour this book. I have personally seen John Paul conjure sales magic and he has captured that lighten- ing in this volume. Your task is to purchase anything he is offering—you will always be happy you did.”

—Gerry Hauer, Entrepreneur, Force of Nature

This book takes on a huge challenge. It unwraps and reveals the secrets of the first five minutes in a way everyone can understand, it reveals the secrets of positioning. You must read this book.”

—Tom Meloche, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, author of Ceremony: A Profound New Method for Achieving Successful and Sustainable Change

John Paul Mendocha slams it out of the park on the first pitch with his acclaimed: Most Business Fail in the First 5 Minutes book. This book is jam-packed full of business fundamentals, yet has the depth of 400 graduate level sales and marketing courses, providing skills that will keep you re-reading it. I know, I’ve built a very successful sales career using these skills, and I’ll be re-reading the book soon to gain even more fresh insights. Thanks John!”

—Murray Egan, Director of Sales, Integrity Security Services

These concepts for me are like the last scene in the Matrix movie where Neo is able to see the numbers in the walls and realize that it is all a construct—being able to under- stand concepts like positioning or the adoption curve gives me the ability to see that actually, my business has been successful out of sheer luck but now to be able to see the dials and use them so that I can position myself effectively,”

—Dike Drummond MD, Doctor Burnout Master Coach

Gabe and John Paul are spot on with this book. Starting off with the title Most Business Fail in the First 5 Minutes, spot on. I totally relate to it because it happened to me. It took me five years to get to the situation described in Chapter 13. I wish I would have read this book five years ago, it would have saved me a lot of heartache and uncertainty. This is your time, read it, soak it all in and position yourself to win. Thank you, Gabe, Thank you, John Paul. God bless you.”

—María Tobelen, Entrepreneur, The Holistic Hypothyroid and Autoimmune Enlightener

Grateful for what I have learned and been able to apply thus far. Because of these concepts in positioning I have been able to position my team for multi-million dollar projects that other people wanted to take credit for, I have used these lessons to be able to set our team up to be recognized but also to fend off others that would ordinarily take credit away.”

—Doug Wesney, Senior Executive, Waste Management Company

Thank you for the challenging and the provoking and the agitating of the different pain points that draw attention to what I really need to know and do in my business and the reality of it. I have been positioning myself by really em- bracing who I am, going on Facebook Live and speaking about what I think is important in Sales and in Closing. It has been almost cathartic, because I am talking about what I think people need to know, and by embracing that and who I am, together with my position, I am instantly different.”

—Richard Duggal, Real Estate Team Building, Listing Machine and Closing Extraordinaire

“Whether you have a business or you’re thinking about starting one, this book will help you avoid the most critical mistake most entrepreneurs make: They become number two! History has shown us through the centuries that nobody ever remembers who’s gotten the number two position! So, what if you could create such powerful positioning in your niche and market that will make you #1 and eliminate your competition? This book will give you the insights to achieve just that! A must-read.”

—Jose Luis Galvis, Entrepreneur, Leading Latin American Digital Marketing Authority”

The fact that you guys were able to break down the sales process into a granular step by step idea is something I think every business owner should know and have aware- ness of. It has given me a lot of work to do but it has opened up my eyes to how I can scale what I have, and even do other things in business!”

—Luigi Gonzalez, Telecommunication Business Owner

What this book did for me was that it took away a lot of the mystery of starting things up, showing that you can actually have direction and focused effort on what matters rather than just keeping your fingers crossed hoping every- thing works out. These are great insights on why things work out the way they do, and why things don’t work out the way they do.”

—Bill Farinella, Logistics Specialist and 3rd Generation PHVAC Business Expert

Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes book is awesome. Easy to read and compelling enough to want to read more. John Paul did a great job on the red cover with the Success meter.

What really gives it the credibility it deserves is your research and examples. I especially love the quote ‘How you view yourself versus how others view you is radically different.’ John Paul, you have written a winner!”

—Trish MacDonald, Real Estate Professional Extraordinaire

Want to boost your confidence? Tilt the odds in your favor. Succeed where others fail. For anyone in a sales career, positioning is one of the keys to success. Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes shows a salesperson how to identify and exploit their already existing talents. Then use those talents to put themselves (and product) in the best possible position in the mind of the client. Highly recommended!”

—Gary Schipporeit, Business Development Manager, Engineering

Having helped incorporate over forty thousand businesses over my career, success makes my chest expand, and failures always bring a bit of sadness. Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes should help change the mix, creating more successes than failures. The odds are not stacked, only unknown. John Paul and Gabe have put forth a book that could turn the tide. Highly recommended.”

—Trevor Rowley, Executive Vice President, Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.

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