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Deal Maker, Turnaround Specialist, Sales Improviser, Hired Gun…Serial Entrepreneur with 46 years experience; a consultant for 37 years.John is a professional speaker with 806 weekly training episodes, AKA Dr. SpeedSelling™. He can ferret out hidden reasons for declining sales profits within minutes.
I have been a busy guy. Instead of going to college, I went to Las Vegas and became a professional Gambler in the school of Hard Knocks. Which, of course, didn’t prepare me for anything in the corporate world but at the same time it prepared me for anything.
I went on to work in High Tech which allowed me to do something that no one in my family lineage had done which was to become: a Millionaire. I got a job at Mercury Computer Systems, which right now is worth between eight hundred million and one billion. When I started selling product we told everyone we were doing four million, which was a stretch. In 1989 I put them on the INC 500 on position number eighteen!
This led to me becoming a Turnaround specialist with twenty turnarounds on my resume and counting.

Gabe Bautista Bio

Short Bio
Born in Colombia, Classically trained composer pivot* to Internet marketer pivot* consultant. An immigrant who went from selling cleaning services with his mom door to door to being a sought out consultant in the internet social media space, monikered by John Paul Mendocha as the Facebook Fracker
I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia and I grew up in the “Narcos” era and in a society surrounded by the violence of the cartels and the ensuing civil war that has torn the country for decades. Carrying with me I have stories with happy endings and others not so much, but eventually moving to the United States in my adolescence.
Music was my first love which led me to become a classically trained composer, I still write and play the piano daily but I eventually found my way to business and consulting. How could music have prepared me for business? Turns out very well in fact!
My first client was the music school where I was teaching, that’s where I started my first pivot out of music, helping them with systems, hiring, training, integrating technology to teaching and more. Later I left that job and started working with marketing agencies, eventually getting hired as a third party to work with difficult digital advertising accounts.
Later, I went on my own and would get hired by companies to devise their digital growth strategy and structure the implementation of Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising and all things Digital and social media. It was then that I started to be able to use not only my digital expertise but to fix sales process’ problems, system problems and logistics.That’s when I started working with John Paul Mendocha, first as a coaching client, being mentored by John Paul and finally becoming business partners doing business turnarounds and now as co author of Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes, It Just Takes them 3-5 Years to Realize it.

Interview Questions and Answers

Why do most businesses fail in the first 5 minutes?
 It is NOT a metaphor, most businesses fail in the first 5 minutes because they fail and at the ONE critical fact, they misposition themselves.
Why does it take the 3-5 years? 
 It takes them 3 to 5 years to run out of money, credit, venture capital, investor’s money etc and they drag on until their painful and usually silent death.
How does this relate to Positioning? 
 Correct Positioning is the antidote, it might not assure success because nothing can do that but it dramatically improves your odds!
Is positioning still relevant?
 In simple terms, positioning is how information is organized in people’s heads. In an over communicated society such as ours, where there is more and more stimuli being launched at everyone, Positioning is key to being able to occupy a spot in the mind of the market and to escape the blackhole of irrelevance.
What is pivoting?
Pivoting is the act of turning and changing your direction and trajectory. When a company wants to change and go after a different market or an individual wants a career change, pivoting is where you should start.
Does Positioning only apply to products? 
Positioning lives at the STRATEGY Level. That means that it applies at different levels of analysis, not only for products or services, but to businesses, companies and individuals.
What is Position to win System? 
 The Position to Win system is a system I developed with the help of my co-conspirator and co-author of the book that takes a deep dive at the 7 “aces” ,Positioning being the first Ace and the one that Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes it’s all about.
The original Positioning Book was missing and it needed an update. 
Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote Positioning: the Battle for your Mind in 1981 and although I have recommended this book to countless people and have given away more than 800 copies, I always felt that there were many aspects of positioning that they missed. It took me 30 years and a Colombian to write what is my take and an update to the 2020’s of the concept of Positioning
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