What Should You Do During the Corona Virus Zig Zag Sag

Given all that’s going on with the coronavirus today you would think that most businesses would have some plan, most entrepreneurs would have some thought about what to do. However, it isn’t a matter of should they, you know, Zig or zag, most of them seem to be sagging. 

The last thing that anybody wants is to sag. The reality of it is that most businesses are slowing down and not figuring out how to make it in this changed environment. Will we ever get back to the way it was? Is it possible that this is the end as we know? For the most part, all businesses are going to go through a transformation, not one of their choosing, not one to their liking, but bam, the world has hit us. We are now there. 

So the question is not should you zig or zag. The real question is how do you prevent yourself from sagging? This morning, MGM properties in Las Vegas, shut down all of the casinos. This is as close to the zombie apocalypse as I’ve ever seen. All the time that I’ve spent in Vegas, it didn’t matter what happened in the outside world, the game never stops. That’s like the first commandment that somebody brought with them when they came out of the desert to build that city. Possibly Wynn properties will shut down and then others I’m sure, will follow. The real question is now they’ve made a decision to sag, how will they stay in business to the other side? 

On the other side of the Atlantic, a long term client, a great supporter of SpeedStart Monday™, told me that now that he has reached the ripe old age of 70, the British Government has decided that everybody who’s over 70 is quarantined in their house for four months. When I shared that news with an 81 year old man in Costco today, he looked at me and said words that you wouldn’t expect a nice looking grandfather to say. Well, I’ve heard those words before and use them myself. I won’t put them in the blog, but it was a lot of F this and F that and F them all and I’m going out like a battling Crusader. All the while, he had waited in line for hours to get water. I asked him if he understood that the tap still worked. He said, I don’t know if I trust the tap water. Interesting. When did you first realize the tap water might not be good? Today? 

Well, it brings us back to should you zig, zag, or sag? I believe that there is a better world that you can get to. You have to think about how to use technology in the most positive way to overcome this current crisis. Because of this unpresented backdrop, is why I mobilized a team to work on a project to help get the most out of remote meetings.  Very soon we will launch a book: Survive the Quarantine: How to Thrive in the Post Coronavirus Economy It will show how to use a 3 part system utilizing technology to overcome the barriers of non contact interaction (remote meetings). This approach will help you stay on top of the busy world that was previously your life. Will you be able to see growth? Well, maybe not. Will you be able to stay in the same spot? Possibly not. But will you be able to stem the tide and more importantly, do something productive? This is a seminal event, it will change how business is done and conducted from this point forward. 

As I’ve said, for years, I haven’t been a buyer of airline stocks for a long time. The entire airline industry has been going through a metamorphosis. Ever since 911 fewer business travelers, more tourists, more families, more annoying kids, more of…well, you get the idea. Now the point is how will you come to grips with it and make sure that you’re on the upside of this and not the sag side? Gravity affects everyone. This crisis will affect everyone. The question is, will you battle against it? Or will you let it take you down? You decide.

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