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I have been a busy guy. Instead of going to college, I went to Las Vegas and became a professional Gambler in the school of Hard Knocks. Which, of course, didn’t prepare me for anything in the corporate world but at the same time it prepared me for anything.

I went on to work in High Tech which allowed me to do something that no one in my family lineage had done which was to become: a Millionaire. I got a job at Mercury Computer Systems, which right now is worth between eight hundred million and one billion. When I started selling product we told everyone we were doing four million, which was a stretch. In 1989 I put them on the INC 500 on position number eighteen!

This led to me becoming a Turnaround specialist with twenty turnarounds on my resume and counting.

Gabe is originally from Colombia growing up in the “Narcos”  era the middle of the heat of the cartels and the ensuing civil war which turned out to be a rough environment for his artistic personality. He is a classically trained composer that found his way to business and consulting.

Gabe started his path of business and marketing exploring the digital ways to promote his musical projects. That led him to become a consultant inside of the school where he was teaching which became his first client.

Later working with marketing agencies and eventually getting hired as a 3rd party for them to work with their clients to work with difficult accounts and also as a principal by companies to devise the digital growth strategy and structure the implementation.

He then went out on his own in the capacity of consultant where he started to be able to implement not only his digital skills but to strategize the sales process as well.

It was during this process that he started working with John Paul Mendocha, first as a coaching client, being mentored by John Paul and finally becoming business partners in full fledged business Turnarounds and now Co conspirators in Position to Win.

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